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Media: Photoshop CS 6

Year: July 2014


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✿ Updates + 200 FOLLOWERS YEAY!

When was the last time I posted stuff here before disappearing;; I’m sorry for being away so often! And especially to my lovely commissioners I HAVE NO FORGOTTEN YOU! ;;;; Its just despite thinking I’d have enough free time after my semester ended, my Gradshow had a lot of problems and last minute issues that I hardly had time to eat or sleep let alone do much with commissions so for that, I HUGELY apologize! And right after came the perils of moving (technically moving from one country to another so you can imagine the hassle), and its only today that I had both internet access and time to sit down and straighten somethings out.

I am terribly sorry for the delay and I will do my best to finish commissions before this 13th where I’ll have to travel a bit more for the duration of the month back to my hometown. And I thank you for your patience. I’ll do my best with them amidst my fixing up my portfolio and searching for work. 

Aside from that, I’ve reach 200 followers on here!! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!?  HELLO TO YOU LOVELY PEOPLE! 

And for that, I think I’ll do a small sketch to commemorate this! any suggestions or anything you’d want to see from me?

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i.n.s.t.i.n.c.t.s | Project: LUPUS Illustrations

The postcard art bundle that I did for my Gradshow last month. The theme was skulls and profiles with pop-art-ish colors. I enjoyed drawing the animal skulls most. I was heavily inspired by omocat's color pallete. Sorry for the inactivity. Moving from one country to the other is a huge hassle. Will probably be a little more active here.

Media: Photoshop CS6

Year: June 2014

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i.n.s.t.i.n.c.t.s {unleashed} | Project: LUPUS promo

Postcards released for my Grad Show. Gosh.. now I’m nervous as heck. I had fun with the colors, mostly inspired by omocat's color palette. 

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Snapshots | Exhibition Prep up

A1 sizes of Rasheed and Seyren for my Grad Show this coming monday. Had to rush a freakish amount of things in such a short time but mostly nervous;; lack of sleep, rest and so much to do. I still have the book to print tomorrow so thank god for my sis who’s so awesome in helping me with the layouting. 

And most of my male classmates were begging me for Seyren’s cutout. apparently she has some fans around lol! Of course I said no. Though they did request a dakimakura PFFF Ethan would flip. 

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Snapshot wip

Another illust for my grad show. It seems that I”ll be placed in the main gallery so I whipped this up and will add colors tomorrow for one of the exhibition. A quick 3 hour sketch of Lupus, my main character for my Final Year Project. Oh gosh— so much to do so little time;;;

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1/5 of the illustration for the final Phase of LUPUS. Need to get this done before the weekend. The theme is animal spirit skulls + Profile. Hopefully I can do Seyren’s next.

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{Project: LUPUS} Concept Art - Character Design: Barquest

♕ Master post ♕

Lupus’ noble steed! Barquest is one of my favorite and frequent OCs and it was a delight to feature him more as a canine than his humanoid form. Usually in the canon / original series he usually is but for this project I had him fully reverted to his wolf version. Though he’s still a pup at heart and I was delighted that I got to explore and draw one of my favorite animals thanks to him. 

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{Project: LUPUS} Concept Art - ♛ Extra ♛ Rasheed x Lupus

♕ Master post ♕

I had to move this to another photoset because of the 10 image limit! lol! but yes, just noticed I missed one out of the slides previously. But yes, as both Lupus and Rasheed are the core of the story, I thought it was important to have their relationship shown as well. Especially how different Lupus is in the presence of her husband. No doubt since they are my favorite couple, I had quite a few materials to go with. 

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{Project: LUPUS} Concept Art - Character Design: Empress Dhia

♕ Master post ♕

The only non-pre-existing character made for this series. The rest of the key characters are previously developed and adapted into the universe but Dhia was created for the project itself. She is one of my favorites in terms of design and I really got to tackle the concept of beauty beyond the usual commercial means with her. Her shaved head is due to the fact that she is a prophet and an empress at the same time and like a nun who is told to leave their worldly desires for their cause. Her tattoo acts as her crown and definitive mark as chosen prophet. The tattoo is an actual ancient Inca tattoo about an exploding star; a huge hint of what is to happen to the universe of LUPUS. 

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{Project: LUPUS} Concept Art - Character Design: Rasheed Al-Ishyak Part 1 | Part 2

♕ Master post ♕

Movement study and development sketches. Since Dionysus (his buster sword / shield) is an original weapon, I tried to do my best with expressing how it’d look like being handled, though I felt like I needed more practice there. The rest are development sketches which I had plenty for Rasheed as he is one of my favorite and oldest OCs. I also included the doodles and illustrations I did of him and his beloved since their relationship in the story is rather essential.

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{Project: LUPUS} Concept Art - Character Design: Rasheed Al-Ishyak Part 1 | Part 2

♕ Master post ♕

Designs for Rasheed, Lupus’ husband and right hand man / Knight. Knight class and master of the longsword style of fighting, this kind looking gentleman may be a gentle giant on most days but when those under his protection are threatened, he lives up to his name as the Black Wolf of Kala. 

I had a mix of styles of Rasheed and initially he was suppose to have full armor but under the advice of his wife my friend, I had his armor minimized, leaving a half casual look which i think suits him better.

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{Project: LUPUS } Concept Art - Character Design: Lupus Part 1 | Part 2

♕ Master post ♕

Designs for the Main Character, Lupus. Based on a friend of mine and I focused quite a bit on making sure I get some of her features (like her strong personality, long hair and brown eyes) right. It was very fun to take people you know in real life and adapt them to the universes made so I hope I get the chance to do this again. Her default costume design is majorly Egyptian and Indian influence; cultures chosen for Kala-Nemi.

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{Project: LUPUS} Concept Art - Character Design Lupus Part 1 | Part 2

♕ Master post ♕

Selection of weapons, Movement Study and Development Sketches. As you can see I’m not too good with my forms and lines— so I’m really working to improve that. I did this project with minimal guidance in what a concept artist would need. Its mainly my own research so some parts i find super hard to overcome;; i mean getting there just yeah.. excuse the mess. But nonetheless, I made sure to include her expressions into the development sketch since due to her serious nature, it’d be hard to guess how she looks like when she smiles— and ehem well. Just saying; that’s what got her husband drawn to her too. 

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{Project: LUPUS} Concept Art - Part 1 | Part 2

♕ Master post ♕

Second part for the Environments I did for the project. Seriously, I wished I had more time to do more sketches to describe the setting and all but with the amount of character designing I did I guess that wasn’t much of a choice lol. Nonetheless— I’m pretty happy with the end result— I just wished I grasped it faster so I’d have more time for them but give and take— when I started out this I couldn’t even draw buildings ;;; a lot of scraping and redoing in the course of 4 months. Who says hard work doesn’t pay right? xD

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