Earth & Sky | Stress Relief Doodle


Who wouldn’t want to eskimo kiss a tabby dragon right?

Stress relief doodle. Tabby dragon design do NOT belong to me. 

Tabby Dragon (c) Hibbary

Nobunaga Zhang (c) Me

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2 (more like… 5 frames) out of 41. oh gosh becuase this is a close up so I can’t skimp out on the details but gosh— DAMMIT I NEED TO GO FASTER //ROLLS// i still have 16 frames to do for this one but i think i’ll do the other short scenes first— get those out of the way then focus on this one. Oh yes btw that is Rasheed. Seriously its like taking an AU project one step further LOL. I really want to see how this scene turns out so hopefully it turns out smoothly //fingers crossed//

17 scenes in total and so far I’m finished with 3! oh gosh, gotta pick up my pace since 3rd assessment is in a week’s time ;;; This is when I hate retake classes since it takes away my time for this and I only have one— i seriously can’t imagine those who have 3 or 4 ;;; some of my classmates do.. 

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Universe Makers | For my dearest

If someone asked me what are friends made of, I’d say they are not made, but they are born. They are born from the gentlest of hearts and strongest of minds. They are ones that wouldn’t hesitate to put the stars in your head in scolding and yet with those same hands hold you close and tell you everything is alright. They are ones who’d make your stomach hurt from laughing and heart ache from crying. They’d be the ones you’d take to if you’re on a deserted island and the ones you’d protect with all your might if comes to. They are the ones you’d tell your darkest secrets and find comfort in them knowing such sides of you. They are the ones who’d see every thing you hate about yourself and still love you for them. They are ones you tell of the stories in your mind— the worlds you created and the souls you embodied. They are the ones who run on adventures with you instead of shaming you for them. They would be the Bonnie to your Clyde; partners in crime and your biggest motivator to wake up in the mornings. They are the ones that make you not just to be stronger but a better person as well. They are the ones you’d want to make proud and live to hear them say how proud they are of you. 

If someone asked me what friends are made of, I’d say they’re made out of one special person who would be dearest in your heart and first in your mind.

If someone asked me, I’d say it’s you.

Thank you for being by my side all these years; through our thick and thin, I am grateful and immensely happy to have you by my side. Because of you my world— both in my mind and physically has expanded significantly and without you, I wouldn’t be here today, stronger and just that much wiser.

Thank you for loving me and nurturing me within the past few years. I look forward to our lifetime of friendship.



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trixderp : Waaahh- I had forgotten to message you in thanks for the pika I doodle you did! At first I thought that was the commission, cause I had forgotten what I had asked for, but I knew it was ookami related lol but I had to re-read the message with it a few times over, and I'm like, oHHH!! But thank you;;; *still sits patiently for fab art* lol

;; oh gosh no! How could i give you that doodle for your commission!! NO no, its just an extra— a small ‘thank you for your patience’ thing oh goodness;;; 

but yes so sorry for the wait ;;;; things have been rough but its going to get even worse till mid April but after that i should be clear enough to properly do my commissions ;;;; so sorry for the wait!

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Woof Woof | Doodle for Trixderp

Part 2 of the service doodles ;;;; Sorry I couldn’t even start on yours yet! ;; And what with things tumbling with full on busy-ness, but meanwhile here’s a little doodle i did of your bias;;; sorry its sketchy and messy but yeah ;;; I’ll be sure to get to it soon! Just until mid-april or so;;; 

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE OH GOODNESS;;;; AND HAPPY WHITE DAY! (its still that time right? guh i dunno anymorekshdfvkshdf)

Media: Photoshop CS6

Year: March 2014

Ookami (c) Calameliatorte

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Tater Tot Hot | Doodle for Narihira

I”M SO SORRY— I know i’m super late with my commission for you but things kept cropping up on my end that were urgent and progress is super slow. I was suppose to finish it a few months ago but it was way too much even with just my school work but i felt really bad for making you hold for so long. And plus things are really going to get dicey for me until end/mid April so HERE’S A LITTLE AYATO FOR YOU— UH— WITH HIS ORE-SAMA TATER HOTNESS MEANWHILE;;;; I HOPE YOU DON’T MIND— A QUICK DOODLE FOR YOU BEING SO PATIENT WITH ME ;;;; but yeah i hope you don’t mind— i do do it as much as i can whenever i can squeeze time in but i don’t want to keep updating you with such little progress everytime ;;; SO YES.;;; I WILL FINISH IT ONCE I’M FREE OF THIS MONSTROSITY OF SCHOOL;;;; SORRY SO MUCH AND THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN;; 

Ayato demands to know you find him or the giant macaron more desirable for White Day it seems.

Media: Photoshop CS6

Year: March 2014

Ayato Sakamaki (c) Rejet

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Stay a little Longer | Illustration

I swear it was suppose to be just a sketch. JUST A SKETCH. and it ended up like this. 3 hours from lineart to finish! Introducing an OC OTP that was done from a prompt where you make an OC without telling your partner and both have them meet and they have to work things out. The results were extremely interesting so my OC is the guy; Eric Fitzwilliam, a 27-year-old tea brewer and tea house owner and the girl is my partner’s, a 24-year-old Law Enforcer name Noira Spencer.


Media: Photoshop CS 6

Year: March 2014

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And I’m live on DrawCrowd, the new and upcoming concept art community! Will update my stuff there frequently as well. If you are there, don’t hesitate to pop in and say hi!

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Life mates | Photo to Sketch Dump

Assessment for Phase 2 is over so squeezing in some fast sketches I did before bed yesterday. I’ve always wanted to do one of those animal photos to OTP things and I just couldn’t help myself with this batch. Since well— Liolf is always calling Rasheed a wolf and frankly I see many similarities myself so yeah I couldn’t help myself lol. The last one is my favorite.

Rasheed (c) me

Wolves photo credit: [x]

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Valentines Doodle 

Because he does have a nice smile. Shoujomangabinocularsactivated. Late Valentines because dead busy with work and i swear want to fly off a building or something o-<-<

Media: Pen

Year: February 2014

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Large Pup | Doodle

Puppies are in need of a lot of attention and love especially in their growing stages. Puppy husbands are included. 

Lol— just a quick draw/sketch of Rasheed nuzzling his face off to his fiancee =u=;; he is rather cuddly when it comes to her i swear. 

Media: Photoshop CS6

Year: February 2014

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One Year Anniversary Sketch | Ethan & Seyren

It’s been exactly one year since they met, one year since they fell in love and one year since they grew and healed to the fullest. 

One year of love, laughter and gentle affection. 

Media: Ink, paper

Year: January 2014

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Recipe for Laughter | Daily doodle

Media: Photoshop CS6

Year: January 2014

Seriously— I’m so out of shape from not drawing well for a month ;;;; Trying to get back into the groove with commissions and my daily doodles so did one of my OC Otp to encourage myself. Bet you thought Ethan can’t laugh. there you go. That sour pumpkin has his moments too though usually with his birdie. God, watching them gives me so much stress relief ;;; _(┐「ε:)_

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WIP | Commission #001

That moment when you suddenly realize how bad of an idea it is to have SAI on your MAC and the lineart is tiny miniscule details. Hooray for no pen pressure sensitivity. _(┐「ε:)_ But gosh— between starting school again and looking for a new place to rent and organizing the house… my life….. halp. 

But yes— almost there. His hair took way too long but here’s hoping the rest is smooth sailing. 

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snowbunn : its been a while since i last saw ur artwork on my dash ;;A;;

lol! dhfsvdhkfvsdfkhsf//////// Y-Yes well— December was a really hectic month and I was back home in Malaysia so I had really bad internet but yes— I’ll be updating more often now that I’m back in Singapore ;u; do stay tuned! 

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