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Commission Status:

Chibi Commissions

|| since 2011 ||

♪ ♫ Commission Slot List: HERE ♪ ♫

What will you get?

♭ A4 sized high resolution (300DPI) PNG/JPEG of the artwork

Commission Terms & Conditions

Payments are to be made with PAYPAL only.

Each price will vary a little depending on the amount of details. Just message me on what are the designs you’re looking into commissioning me for and I’ll quote you an exact price!

The prices quoted above are for one character per artwork. Additional characters will be +50% of the price. 

Prices are in USD. 

I will start on the artwork’s draft sketch once 50% of the payment is received and another 50% once the draft sketch is approved before I proceed to completing it in color. For black and white / monochrome commissions, the remaining 50% can be given after completion of the artwork.

300 DPI resolution of the finished artwork will be emailed to the customer upon completion.

The commissioned artworks are only valid for personal use only. Commercial usage or usage for services that is profit earning is prohibited. For commercial purpose artworks, please notify me of your interest so we can discuss further. 

The customer is allowed to use the commissioned piece for personal blogs, personal websites and other personal usage with credit. Claiming the commissioned pieces as your own is prohibited.

Artwork types & guidelines

Fan art & Original Character friendly!

For Original Characters, please be sure to provide detailed character design sheets for me to reference from. 

I do not do NSFW / yaoi / yuri themed artworks. For romance themed illustrations, mild kisses and such are okay, as long as it’s nothing R18. 

Feel free to message me for more details! 

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